The Necklace Club is this: you'll receive one necklace at the end of every month in 2015. The total cost for the remaining of the year is $139.99 which includes all necklace costs plus shipping. The necklaces are valued at $19.99-$49.99. Once you join, you'll receive a survey to let us know your favorite colors and styles! You will receive 9 necklaces plus a bonus necklace for signing up in April!

Also, you asked, I heard! After much thought I decided to add a monthly option for the Necklace Club as I understand paying $139.99 upfront can be a lot. And I wanted to make it affordable for everyone to join in! The monthly club plan will charge your account $16 each month on the day that you sign up for it for 9 months. Just click on the subscribe button below and follow the directions and then you are all set!